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In-Home Pet Care

Every pet is special and deserving of the best care we can possibly provide for them! Yet, not every pet thrives in a setting outside of their comfort zone. That's why Wagon Tails is happy to offer pet sitting in your home!

Set up your free meet-and-greet so that your pet sitter and beloved pet can get acquainted! This time is also used to outline your pet’s daily regimens, including their feeding routines, playtime, and any medications they may need. Additionally, we recommend having any modes of entry prepared for your sitter during your meet-and-greet – i.e. keys, access codes, etc.

Accommodations include, but are not limited to: a proper feeding regimen, fresh water, clean bowls, potty breaks and clean up. Depending on the weather, play time in the home or a brief walk around the neighborhood is offered. We can provide adjustments of window covers and blinds, watering of plants or fetching of the mail, per your request.